Superfine Precise Three Roller Mill
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The DS precision three-roller grinder series is a mechanical equipment professionally designed for manufacturers to achieve precise dispersion control and produce fine particles. It provides customers with an effective and extremely precise means of reducing particle size and dispersion, with remarkable reproduction sex. For product research and development, small-scale production and the establishment of small production lines, the DS-type fine three-roller grinder can provide flexible and precise control to meet your requirements, and the process parameters provide a strict technical basis for expanding reproduction.

Application: Widely used in the dispersion of inks, pigments, cosmetics and nanoparticle materials in electronic slurries, as well as precious metal slurries, functional ceramic slurries, ointments, solar photovoltaic materials, etc.

"ES-80 precision three-roller grinder", Longxin Superfine series is a high-end three-roller grinder specially designed for ultra-high progress and narrower particle size distribution requirements. It has reproducible performance that traditional three-roller grinders cannot match, and is especially suitable for industries such as new nanomaterials, precious metal slurries, functional ceramic materials, electronic materials, and cosmetics.

What makes it unique is:

  1. There is a spacing mode, which displays the user-set spacing and the actual force value. (Unit: micron)
  2. It has cleaning mode and reversal function to ensure the safety of operation.
  3. The roller speed and spacing can be set as parameters (any mode), and more than 3,000 parameters can be stored.
  4. Siemens PLC control, intuitive and easy to operate.
Model DS50 DS80 ES80 DS120 ES120
Roller diameter (mm) 50 80 80 120 120
Length of roller (mm) 150 200 200 450 450
Ratio of speed 1:2:4 1:3:9 1:3:9 1:3:9 1:3:9
Output(L/h) 0.5 ~ 5 2 ~ 20 2 ~ 20 5 ~ 50 5 ~ 50
Motor power (KW) 0.12 1.5 1.5 3 3
L 500 675 675 1060 1060
W 400 440 440 920 920
H 400 460 460 1060 1060
Weight (kg) 20 70 70 380 380