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Pilot tiral

Our laboratories, equipped with more than ten sets of cutting-edge experimental equipment and complete equipment, are committed to providing excellent grinding and drying test services for customers around the world. Whether it is scientific research exploration or production pilot, we can provide accurate and efficient solutions.
Our professional team, combined with advanced experimental technology and strict quality control, ensures that your experimental needs are met. From fine grinding of the sample to efficient drying, every step is performed precisely to ensure the reliability and repeatability of the experimental results.

Choose us and you will experience:

Professional grinding

Precise control of particle size to meet different scientific research and production needs.

Efficient drying

The use of advanced drying technology to ensure the quality and activity of the sample.

Customized services

According to customer needs, provide personalized experimental programs.

Pre-sales and After-sales Service

In the pre-sales phase, we aim to gain a deep understanding of your business needs and specific challenges. Our team of experts will work closely with you to provide personalized consultation and customized solutions. Our goal is to ensure that the products and solutions you choose fit perfectly with your business objectives and production processes.

Service content:
♦Needs analysis and assessment
♦Product demonstration and introduction
♦Customized solution design
♦Technical advice and support

In-sale service: ensures seamless integration and implementation

In-sale service is part of our commitment to ensure your purchase process is smooth and hassle-free. We provide detailed product configuration recommendations to help you make informed decisions. In addition, our project management team will ensure that order processing, production monitoring and logistics arrangements are in line with your expectations and schedule.

Service content:
♦Order management and tracking
♦Production schedule update
♦Logistics coordination and distribution
♦Installation and commissioning guide

After-Sales Service: Continuous Support And Maintenance

We understand that after-sales service is the key to long-term relationships. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that your equipment runs stably and performs at its best. Our service team is always on hand to provide you with quick response and professional maintenance.

Service content:
♦Quick response technical support
♦Regular maintenance and inspection
♦Spare parts supply and replacement
♦User training and education

Global service network

As a company with an international perspective, our service network covers the world to ensure that overseas customers can enjoy the same high quality service. We are committed to providing you with more convenient and personalized support through localized services.

Choose Changzhou Longxin, you will get a trustworthy partner, we promise to provide you with a full range of support, from pre-sales consultation to after-sales service, to ensure that your every need is met. Let's join hands to create a better future.

Quality Control Management

Quality control, our commitment

At Longxin, we know that quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. Our quality control management system runs through every link of product design, production, inspection and after-sales service to ensure that every product delivered to your hands meets the highest standards.

Process and node

Design audit: Adopt international standards to ensure the accuracy and foresight of product design.

Raw material inspection: strictly screen suppliers, implement 100% raw material inspection, and ensure quality from the source.

Production Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the production process to ensure that each process is performed according to established standards.

Process inspection: Quality control points are set at key nodes, and strict process inspection is implemented to ensure product stability.

Finished product testing: Complete performance testing of the finished product to ensure that the product meets the design specifications before delivery.

Customer feedback: Establish a rapid response mechanism, collect and process customer feedback in time, and continuously optimize products.

Our commitment

At Longxin, we know that quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. Our quality control management system runs through every link of product design, production, inspection and after-sales service to ensure that every product delivered to your hands meets the highest standards.

Transparent quality control processes ensure you have a complete understanding of product quality.

Continuous quality improvement to meet and exceed your expectations.

Flexible and customized services to meet your specific quality requirements.

Choose Longxin, you have chosen a trustworthy partner, we will be the most strict quality control management, to provide you with the best quality products and services.


Shipping port:

We usually ship from Shanghai or Ningbo Port in China, and choose the most suitable port according to the route and the size of the cargo.

Payment methods:

We accept a variety of international payment methods, including but not limited to wire transfer (T/T), letter of credit (L/C), etc.

Delivery time:

Delivery time depends on different products and customized services.
Transportation Insurance: We provide cargo transportation insurance services to ensure the safe arrival of cargo to the destination.

Product certification:

Our products comply with international standards, have CE certification, and can provide other relevant certifications on demand.

Quality Assurance:

We provide a 12-month product quality guarantee period to ensure the safety of your investment.

After-sales service:

We provide worldwide after-sales service support, including remote troubleshooting and on-site service.

Technical support:

Our technical team is ready to answer any of your technical questions and provide customized solutions.

Product Customization:

We offer customized services to meet your specific needs and specifications.

Customer feedback:

We attach great importance to customer feedback and use it as an important basis for product improvement and service optimization.

Contact us:

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us at: