Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Our vision is:

To lead the growth rate of Chinese enterprises, among the forefront of high-end equipment industry
Our mission is to revitalize the Chinese nation's manufacturing industry and build a top manufacturing base
Our aim is: to safeguard the interests of customers, enhance the value of service
Our spirit is: efficient law, harmony and confidence
Our style is: keep promises, rigorous and pragmatic

Our values are:

Customer: Coexistence, win-win, development
Team: unity forge ahead, courage to fight
Rules: standardize behavior, create culture
Sense of grace: Thanksgiving all things to give, Thanksgiving around the drop
Responsibility: responsible for themselves, responsible for the enterprise, responsible for the society
Standard: always aim for the first

Our core philosophy is:

Production concept: High quality, high efficiency, high service
Development concept: Continuous reform, continuous innovation Management concept: people-oriented, advancing with The Times
Sales concept: open up the market, beyond the competition concept: implementation first, assessment results
Life philosophy: product is character, quality is conscience
Employment concept: Excellent talent is an asset, mediocre staff is a liability
Salary concept: more work, more pay, focus on performance
Promotion concept: morality first, fairness and justice
Results concept: excellent people exceed the goal, excellent people create miracles