Longxin Dry to carry out "Deep river rafting - North Zhejiang Grand Canyon" two-day group construction activities

Longxin Dry to carry out "Deep river rafting - North Zhejiang Grand Canyon" two-day group construction activities

Aug 30, 2023

In order to let employees relax in the busy work, happy body and mind, cultivate everyone's mutual aid, friendship, unity and communication ability, and create a good and harmonious collective atmosphere, Longxin Dry carried out a group construction activity with the theme of "Dragon Tenghu Yue, Xinguangyi" in Anji, Zhejiang Province on August 28 and 29, so that everyone can walk into nature and enjoy the landscape. Company leaders, all functional departments a total of more than 100 people participated.



Jiangyin -- Anji

The first stop is Anji Shenxi

At 7 o 'clock in the morning, all the staff of Longxin Drying had breakfast and took the bus to Anji Shenxi Canyon for rafting. Along the river road winding, rushing water, stream and pool meet, the companions in the boulders overlapping screaming in the sprint, in the river you chase me, the bailer gun together, laughter one after another, in the experience of excitement and passion at the same time, but also show the positive unity and friendship of Longxin, in the torrent we support each other, close cooperation, to overcome various problems in the rafting.


After the rafting, the companions returned to the hotel for a little rest, and in the evening went to the local cuisine restaurant to enjoy the local food.


Shenxi -- North Zhejiang Grand Canyon

The second stop

The next morning, after finishing the companions full of vitality, boarded the car to the north of Zhejiang Grand Canyon. The natural scenery of the northern Zhejiang Grand Canyon is beautiful, and the scenery such as a waterfall, a strange stone ditch and a magical river is dizzying. The air recreation area of the Cloud Magic City is even more exciting and makes people scream. Some of Longxin's companions took the cable car to climb the heights and overlook the beauty of the mountains, and some chose to climb the steps along the trestle road and climb to the top of the mountain where the clouds and fog lock and purple qi soar.



In the city of cloud fantasy, the whole body is the circulation of mountains, step by step shocking network red bridge, air bicycle, cliff swing, sky mirror, 360 degree bicycle and other projects let the companions adrenaline surge, walk in the cloud between the mountain wind, see the waterfall pentium at the foot.




From the towering seventy-two peaks left, the local classic food such as local chicken pot, natural fish, and braised meat with tea sauce in the soil restaurant at the foot of the mountain, the companions moved their index fingers and shouted.

The two-day group building activities ended successfully, in a warm and pleasant atmosphere, Longxin's companions experienced the warmth from the company's big family through harmonious communication, enhance each other's emotions at the same time improve the team cooperation ability, and create a harmonious corporate culture atmosphere. Everyone said that they would devote themselves to their work with full enthusiasm and high fighting spirit, work hard, move forward bravely and contribute to the high-quality development of Longxin.

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